Challenge their Minds.

Build Epic Masterpieces.


A geometry whiz at age 5 or 8. That could be your child. A master architect, building his or her dream structures with pride and wonder. Build fine motor skills, develop critical thinking skills, and sharpen math skills- while having a blast all afternoon.

I’m a rockstar architect! And I built a

Shape Mags Foundations


Build higher and higher - and higher! Construct soaring skyscrapers and jaw dropping edifices with Foundations which stabilize your structures.

Large Maggies character
Small Maggies character


A personal touch with adorable magnetic Maggie characters. Place an astronaut in the rocket ship you just built, a knight in the castle, a princess in the palace, and a collector in the toll booth.

Trademark Shapes
Trademark Shapes

Trademark Shapes

Unique shapes you won’t find anywhere else. Curved arcs perfect for building vehicles or intricate designs. Domes to build a dashing wedding hall or sophisticated army base. Gates, axles, hexagons, doors, and loads more.  Boundless possibilities. Unlimited fun.

Made with Love

Built with Powerful Magnets

Every Shape Mags tile is crafted with meticulous precision. Sturdy, long lasting translucent plastic. Fused with hard ferrite magnets, a permanent magnet made with iron oxide and barium to provide high resistance to demagnetization. This means mighty strong magnets in the Shape Mags. Empower your child to play for hours, building spectacularly tall buildings and structures that stand strong and proud.

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Creative Confidence.

I’m curious. I’m confident. I’m a creator. I’m a ShapeMagger.

Wall of Fame

Master + Mind

Hands-on geometry skills. Fun cognitive development. Thriller spatial skill growth.


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